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Grab your tools & let's get learning!

Grab your tools & let's get learning!

I am so excited to get you learning! If you've got your kit, simply create an account and join us any time you want for FREE 100+ Fine Motor skills activities, videos, and worksheets created by Miss Mancy the OT!

If you don’t yet have Miss Mancy’s Fine Motor Tools Kit, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered! Just click here!

All Kits are assembled by a young adult with Autism with love.

Learning the OT Way!

A multisensory approach to learning for children 4 to 7 yrs old!

Short, interactive instructions

Downloadable PDFs

Fun learning activities

Every activity was designed by OTs to incorporate an active and multi-sensory approach to learning. Research has proven time and again the importance of incorporating as many senses as possible when teaching children. Your child will get involved in letter scavenger hunts, building with play doh and using a variety of manipulative and tools from their fine motor kit to learn foundational academic concepts and skills.